Guarantee conditions for upholstered furniture
1. In the case of furniture according to the rules and by appointment, manufacturer guarantee quality furniture for 24 months from the date of sale, but not longer than 27 months, 3 days of production.
2. When selling furniture must be unpacked by the buyer for the purpose of audit quality furniture.
3. Getting the buyer Warranty on furniture quantitative means of obtaining and confirming the absence of external injuries and inconsistencies.
4. Without document confirming the sale of goods, Warranty card is considered invalid. Confirmed Warranty card entitles free warranty.
5. Damage to the product through the fault of the manufacturer that emerged during the warranty period, the manufacturer must submit, adding a warranty card and a document confirming the purchase.
6. Warranty repairs will be carried out by the manufacturer within 30 working days of the day presenting complaint manufacturer. This period may last longer.
7. The warranty period will be extended for the time since the presentation will be held claim to its full consideration if during the time the damage does not allow furniture for the purpose.
8. Obligations related to warranty will consist of repairing and replacing damaged parts or repair or for the enterprise products.
9. In the event that the buyer will make it impossible to repair, it is considered that the buyer refused to guarantee rights.
10. In case of loss of card guarantee the buyer loses all rights obtained with the warranty card.
11. The decision on which way the claim will be considered accepts Representative guarantor.


Not allowed to place furniture at a distance of less than 1 meter away from the heat source, ie, radiators, gas and electric, sunlight, and in areas with high absolute humidity (above 70%). Furniture must be protected from damage related to the use for other purposes, such as, for example, a seat on the headrests, rising (seat) on the armrest, territories backs on wooden spring slats, box overlay in excessive amounts bedding.

For damage resulting from such actions not covered by warranty. Furthermore, the furniture must be installed on an equal basis.

Some high-quality fabric play mats colors in sunlight. This process is the impression that the furniture had different color (especially in upholstery parts), and it is considered a specific tissue, not defective material.
For cleaning upholstery fabric in any case can not use chemicals such solvents, gasoline, alcohol and any kind of detergents.

To care for the cleanliness enough tissue to wipe the surface of the upholstery regularly with a soft brush for clothes or vacuuming vacuum cleaner fabric with a special nozzle for cleaning upholstery.

Stains must be removed immediately after they appeared. Do this as follows:
1.Chystyty cotton cloth soaked in water at room temperature, in a circular motion and nazhymayuchy not too much;
2.Volohi space left after cleansing, leave to dry, do not use hair dryers, and if necessary, you can repeat the steps listed in the previous paragraph;
3.After of how wet dry place, it is necessary to comb brush material for clothing;


1. The forces applied during cleaning can cause the colors become pale.
2. You must first try to spend less on cleaning upholstery conspicuous place, and thus observe which are the colors.
Q. furniture cleaners available in the market may be used only by the client under its responsibility.

The manufacturer’s warranty does not cover:

1. Damage discrepancy with the number of components and accessories in collected before the sale of furniture, which were observed at purchase.
2. Damage was caused by incorrect (careless) transportation, transfer, installation and those that are the result of accidents.
Q. damage that have resulted from improper or inappropriate use rules, storage furniture.
4. Damage emerged as a result of repairs and furniture processing conducted by the client or the client.
5. Damage due to which was reduced the price of the product during its buyers.
6. Folds Cloth arising on folding furniture.
7. Non shades of difference between the individual batches of products.