-Width: 2700×1800 mm
-Height: 850 mm
-Depth: 1100 mm
-Berth: 1350×2300 mm

Меблі необхідно збирати

Interior design of the modern room involves the use of a wide variety of furniture. In the case of the design of the living room, having enough space, it makes sense to look at the corner sofas, which combine high aesthetic properties and quite convenient functionality. The angle of «Monreal» harmoniously fits into the interior of living rooms and guest rooms. The dimensions of the corner allow you to relax whole family. With the transformation function of the corner of the bed, you will have several places to accommodate guests.
BLONSKI Fabryka Mebli products meet European standards.
The appearance of the Euro-book decomposition system:

Оплата. Оплата при отриманні товару, Безготівково для юридичних осіб

Доставка. Самовивіз, Нова Пошта

Гарантія. 24 місяці офіційної гарантії від виробника